Ethnic Cleansing in Afghanistan – the world need never know

More death and devastation in Afghanistan

Afghanistan – Thank goodness! No more terrorism! Okay, so we haven’t caught Bin Laden yet, probably never will (his CIA trainers trained him too well for that), and Pakistan has the explosive mix of nuclear weapons and two million Afghan refugees, but at least Bush managed to show the rest of the world who’s in charge. And that is all that really matters in the end.

Since the destruction of the evil Taliban regime (approx 10,000 Taliban soldiers were slain) by the God fearing and righteous US Air Force (only 3,000 civilians were killed by US bombs), some killjoy cynics are raising fears that the majority Pashtun population of the Afghanistan will once again be subject to murder rape and mutilation! This all comes from the poison pen of Zubeida Malik in The Ecologist. There are even some far-fetched tales that these fears have already been realised! Pah! What with the Northern Alliance not openly supporting terrorism, and the reports coming only from serious news sources (Malik is a reporter for the BBC’s Today programme – only intelligent people listen to that and we all know how stupid they are) the world need not concern itself with these things. Besides, the South of Afghanistan isn’t under anyone’s rule so things can’t be so bad there, and anyway, George Bush, pious Christian, is doing only what Christians have done for centuries, that is ‘Making Life Hard for Muslims’.

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