Bunkum Smith attacked for trying to score cheap points on the NHS

Ian Bunkum Smith
Ian Bunkum Smith

UK – The Prince of Hell Ian Bunkum Smith has been slated by both the Prime Minister and by some hospital after he tried to gain cheap political capital by slating aforementioned hospital.

IBS had attempted to draw attention to the fact that some lady constituent had had slightly less than 200% quality service there. “For fuck’s sake” said the head of the attacked hospital. The NHS was a piece of shit when the tories left it, thanks to tossers like him. Now he has the cheek to slate it! He’d better hope that he doesn’t have an accident anywhere near MY hospital too soon”.

The divine one Tony Blair was heard to utter that the hospital was fine – he later implied that IBS had exaggerated the incident greatly, in a lame attempt to get himself on TV.

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