Government announces adoption plans for sinners – read as

adoption1[1]UK – In a fine example of offering lots and doing nothing (New Left – it’s the real thing) Government ministers are set to put the smile to legalisation of adoption by unmarried couples.

This rather pointless change in the law means that couple who are unmarried can adopt provided that they are in a ‘stable’ relationship – although the law is not set to describe what constitutes a stable relationship.

Because of the rather flaky nature of the whole exercise, the Government are not going to actually endorse or back the new regulations. However, it is thought that most of the ministers like it, except David ‘Whipcrack’ Blunkett, who believes that marriage is the only way to go. No, he really believes that – even in a nation with spiralling divorce rates.

The new law will state that unmarried couples will be able to adopt provided that they are over 21 (?), promise to be together forever, and that arrangements are made for the sharing out of the kids should the relationship fail. Actually, one might be tempted to say that under those circumstances, adoptees are actually better off than if they are adopted by a married couple

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