Huge winds buffet the UK

windy-hair[1]UK –
Huge winds are said to have buffeted the UK during the first week of February.

The population are thought to be bearing up well, on the whole.

However the effect on people’s hair has been said to be catastrophic.

There have even been reports of fighting in the streets for position in the queue outside hairdressers premises in the stockbroker belt. The nation’s hairdressers are looking forward to a windfall.

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Stress at work rises hugely

Stressed out
Stressed out

UK – The level of stress under has undergone a huge 12-fold rise, according to figures released by the TUC.

The TUC have suggested that life is not more stressful under the New Labour, but that good honest working folk feel safer ‘fessing up to stress under the Continue reading “Stress at work rises hugely”

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The lesson of Enron

14USA – The collapse of the world’s biggest leccy company Enron is a lesson to us all: politicians today just aren’t as good value as they used to be.

Time was when you could bribe a world leader, such as Mr G Bush or the Conservatives, and know that you would be forever safe. Continue reading “The lesson of Enron”

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