Kindergarten papers kept secret

Lord Forkedtongue
Lord Forkedtongue

UK – The Freedom of Information Act came into force yesterday, backed by promises that it would dispel the secrecy in Whitehall and introduce a new spirit of government openness.

However, Lord Forkedtongue, the Lord Chancellor, who is overseeing the introduction of the new law, is determined that the so called ‘kindergarten papers’ are kept from public scrutiny.

The kindergarten papers are so called, because they generally show government ministers to have behaved with about the same level of maturity as a child in a kindergarten. The are also known as the cabinet papers.

Lord Forkedtongue said, “If the public ever found out how the country was governed, there would be riots on the streets”

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Author: Dr Suusi Watson

Editor of the Bastard

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