UK Religious leaders get ready to stand up for God

Rowan Williams
Rowan Williams

UK – British Church leaders were bracing themselves for the inevitable backlash from people disillusioned with religion following the recent catastrophe in South East Asia, C of E leaders said today.

In a desperate attempt to get themselves in the paper, Catholic and Anglican leaders suggested that many members of the congregation would be questioning God after the disaster. Vicars were particularly warned to watch the members who were losing interest anyway.

Rev. Vera South told The Bastard that this was typical of the contempt which church leaders have for their congregation these days. “It really is a cynical attempt to get in the press” she said. “Do they honestly believe that the faithful will lose faith because of this? They clearly don’t have so much faith in the faithful do they.”

Prayers were said at many locations by many faiths across Britain for the many victims of the tragedy today. Elizabeth Windsor attended a special service at Sandringham, where they served jelly and ice cream. Writing in the Sunday Torygraph, Rowan Williams, head of the Anglican Church in the UK, said that it was important for “passionate engagement with the lives that are left” – fnar fnar.

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