Yushchenko’s Victory as fake as the other guys

Viktor Yushchenko
Viktor Yushchenko

Ukraine – Victorious Viktor Yushchenko’s victory in recent elections is probably the result of the most potent forms of electoral fraud; the use of corrupt observers, says an independent analyst today.

Professor Raga Malakosha of the University of Calcutta decried the use of observers in the election.

“It is no secret that Western observers are picked by Western governments for a reason” said the crusty old academic. “Usually it is because they can follow orders like ‘Let our man win’.” The accusations come amid revelations that Yushchenko’s enormous alcohol fuelled parties in central Kiev were funded covertly by the Dutch government, who had insisted on the use of orange for the campaign colour.

Yanukovich (above), the d00d who won first time around, resigned from his position as prime minister on the 31st December last year, while still refusing to admit defeat. He is in the process of preparing an appeal to the high court of Ukraine.

Russian Premier Vlad ‘Butcher of Armenia’ Putin has yet to sober up from the Kremlin Xmas party and has not yet registered his disgust at the EU’s apparent purchase of the Ukraine.

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