Home Secretary Supports Burglars

Charles Clark
Charles Clark

UK – Charles ‘Kneecapper’ Clarke the Home Secretary announced that the law on the amount of force householders can use against burglars will not be changed, despite tory whinging.

The home secretary said: “I have concluded that the current law is sound but needs to be better explained to all concerned, especially for householders.”

“This will further help the police solve crimes, as householders are far more likely to be caught and plead guilty than burglers – after all, we know there address.”

The Scumbag Tories want to capitalise on the blood lust of the general public and make it legal for home owners to defend themselves and their property, provided that they only kill burglars who are from non-Tory approved social minorities.

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Author: Dr Suusi Watson

Editor of the Bastard

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