W sends Luck into Iraq

George W. Bush
George W. Bush

USA – Not having had much luck in Iraq, George “W” Bush has decided to send in a new guy.

Bush’s new man in Iraq is ironically* called General Luck. He is ostensibly there to review security in the light of a deteriorating security situation.

The current ‘insurgency’ is now able to call on up 200,000 supporters, a number which now exceeds the number of troops that the occupying powers have in the region.
With the Pentagon facing a long and bloody period of open warfare, US casualties increasing at an alarming rate and a President who doesn’t have to care about future re-election, the future for Iraq looks bleak.

Senior Pentagon officials reject notions that General Luck’s mission is about an exit strategy, arguing that his trip is simply part of a normal process.

Yeah yeah yeah.

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Author: Dr Suusi Watson

Editor of the Bastard

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