The Chief Man in a Frock Bashes Other Men in Frocks

Reich Fuhrer Benedict, chief child abuser in the Catholic church
Reich Fuhrer Benedict, chief child abuser in the Catholic church

When I heard that Pope Benedict was bashing transgendered folk it did make me chuckle, I mean the most high profile frock wearing guy is bashing other frock wearing blokes, that is just so hypocritical.

Okay no surprise the head of the Catholic Church bashing homosexuals but it’s just another of the bigotry and intolerance which religious dogma cultivates. But here is another reminder especially dedicated to all those progressives I know who think public education is a fine thing, hey did you know your taxes are paying to spread the kind of shit Pope Benedict is propagating. That’s right the UK government funds religious schools, yep the British government funds indoctrination centres conditioning the youth of today with shit like homosexuals and transgendered are just as much of a threat to this world as Climate Change.

People who believe the bible is the literal word of God are really dumb, in fact never mind believing the bible being the literal word of God, believing the literal word of God is just dumb, actually believing in God is fucking dumb in the first place. But hey if you’re dumb and want to believe in God and the bible is his word it is your choice just do not try to impose its bullshit upon me.

Here is the word of Ziggy which counts around these parts; if you believe that bible is the literal word of God your dumb, if you believe that the bible tells you must be hateful and intolerant towards Gays and Transgendered you are dumb and dangerous. If however you believe people being themselves and loving each other whoever or whatever they are is a good thing then you’re a rational and good person.

Believe this or not the Islamic fascist regime in Iran is more tolerant than Pope Benedict. Oh yeah the regime in Iran might stone homosexuals to death but they do not have a problem with transsexuals. Few months back there was an interesting BBC documentary about transsexuals in Iran and well the state contributes to the cost of gender reassignment surgery and transsexuals have long had equal rights with genetic females, something which has only recently been given to transsexuals in the UK.

But hey Pope Benedict being less tolerant then the fascistic Islamic regime, the man was a member of the Hitler Youth then graduated to the Catholic Church. Hey neither institution are known for their tolerance of those who do not obey their bullshit dogma.

Ziggy Encaoua
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