An Irony Of The Prisoner Upon Me

The Prisoner No 6
The Prisoner No 6

Alison a girl I work with said to me today that it was irony that I’d written about The Prisoner last week as she’d just completed watching the series the evening before & what’s more it sounds that the show has had an affect upon Alison.

As I’ve said many times previously The Prisoner is the greatest television series in support of individual liberty, on a par with literary masterpieces such as Brave New World & Nineteen Eighty Four & in fact it achieves more.

My friend Gardner has compiled two podcasts explaining the significance of The Prisoner….

….One thing that Gardner picks up on is something I picked up when I first watched the series, which was not only was McGoohan having a rant against coercive authority but how the stupidity of social convention, considering my inner nature it was something I identified particularly with the way authority uses social convention to oppress the non conformist & therefore individual liberty.

‘The village is a place which attempts to destroy individualism by every means’

‘Village shit is happening around us everyday’

These are two quotes from an interview I recently unearthed with Patrick McGoohan

The irony upon me about The Prisoner is that much of what McGoohan was ranting against with The Prisoner is much the same as I rant about with the nascence of surrealism yet I’m often laughed at or told what I’m talking shit.

If you’ve not as yet seen the series well you now can see all 17 episodes for free online

But I guess now I suggest people check out The Prisoner will now go & read Mien Kemp, the irony is not lost on me.

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