Black, Blue and Obama

President of the United States, Barack Obama
President of the United States, Barack Obama

USA – Today there will be a small minority in the US made of the so called ‘Truth’ ‘Patriot’, ‘Liberty’ movements mixed in with the odd anarchist who’ll only welcome Obama’s inauguration with cynicism & personally I think should really be called ‘The kooks who can’t get their own way so we’ll kick at everything’ movement. But hey screw them they merely a minority who might scream & yell loudly but really matter not, so let me move on other to say they remind me of the fuckwits I knew twenty years who pissed on me for my protests.

Twenty years I like thousands of others protested outside the South African embassy for the release of Nelson Mandela & an end to apartheid. Protesting for what was without doubt correct & proper but there were plenty who pissed on all I did back then. I might not have doubted protesting for an end of apartheid but I never doubted any protest wasn’t correct..

When Mandela was released from prison & apartheid was dismantled I felt vindicated with a big fuck you to those who just tried to make me feel miserable for protesting for what I believed to be right. I’ve got a similar feeling today because the progressive in me is full of glee because I know the bigots are going to be feeling real uncomfortable because as they’ll view it that the leader of the free world ifs a coon oh their distress with Obama being sworn in is just delightful because despite of their hate & prejudice a black man can succeed YES WE CAN is true & proof enough to me despite what idiocy like Gavin Webb say positive rights can work.

Twenty years back I doubted I’d ever see a day when Nelson Mandela would be president of South Africa so never thought then that in just over twenty years they’d be a black man elected US President. But there is now is & for me that is vindication against all the pissers & bigots. Of course the colour of his skin shouldn’t count for or against him as Martin Luther King said do not judge me by the colour of my skin, judge me on the content of my character. Now that Obama is president a great step has been made for equality has been made.

But equality to me is, equal rights for all & equal opportunities for all, one observation from Obama’s inauguration was that there was a pastor giving pray who objects to Gay Marriage. Its equal rights & respect for Gays & Lesbians where the fight against hate needs to taken in the next decade. No man should be judged on the colour of their skin & so no man should be judged on their sexual orientation because neither can a man help.

I might welcome Obama being president but I’ll admit I welcome symbolism more than the policy currently but in the coming months & in the coming years I will judge the man on his policies & whether he’ll afford others equality as others afforded him equality.

Ziggy Encaoua
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Former Editor of the Bastard, who was killed in a tragic accident by Japanese whalers who mistook him for a minke whale when he fell overboard in the south pacific.

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