‘Fingers’ Hain guilty of ‘serious’ failures over £103,000-00

Peter Hain
Peter Hain

UK – Crooked former government minister Peter ‘Fingers’ Hain was guilty of “serious and substantial” failures in not registering donations, the Commons standards watchdog has said.

The former cabinet minister was cleared last month by Nu Labor™s Tame police over the late declaration of £103,000 of donations to his Nu Labor™ deputy leadership bid.

But he has been rapped by the Commons Standards and Privileges Committee, whose report dismissed the idea that Mr Hain’s supposed workload as Work and Pensions Secretary and Wales Secretary was an excuse for the errors.

“This is a case of an experienced member, a cabinet minister at the time, failing in his duty as a Member of Parliament to register donations within the time required by the House,” it said.

This is particularly galling for the unemployed, who can be sent to gaol for not declaring that they have earned any money during the time that they are claiming benefits. Whilst the man at the top just forgot to declare that he had £103,000-00 in donations to his political campaign.

In another case of out of control spin the lying Bastard claimed that the Commons Standards and privileges committee had accepted that he had made an ‘honest mistake” and he would be making an apology in the Commons.

In a statement, Mr Hain said: “The Cabinet Secretary stated that I complied fully with the Ministerial Code, the Crown Prosecution Service exonerated me and now the Parliamentary authorities have also accepted that the mistakes I made were honest mistakes.

“I have been asked to repeat my apology on the floor of the Commons which I am happy to do.”

The Commons Standards and Privileges Committee said the scale of the rule breach caused “justified public concern”.

One rule for Nu Labor™ and another for the rest of us.

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Author: Dr Suusi Watson

Editor of the Bastard

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