Is ‘Sticky Fingers’ Straw fit to head the Justice department?

Jack Straw
Jack Straw, a shifty git at the best of times

UK – It seems that sticky fingers is catching in Nu Labor™ with senior minister and Justice secretary Jack ‘Sticky Fingers’ Straw following in Peter ‘Fingers’ Hain steps by forgetting to declare a gift of £4000-00 from Canatxx Energy in 2004 to pay for a dinner to celebrate his 25 years in the Commons.

The Standards and Privileges Committee expressed ‘surprise and disappointment’ that someone as experienced as Mr Straw should have broken the rules for so long

The committee’s report said: ‘Pressure of work may explain why Mr Straw overlooked his responsibilities, but the nature of his job should also have been a constant reminder to him of the need to observe the Code.’

In a move that calls into question the independence, and balance of the Standards and Privileges Committee It recommended no further action should be taken against the Cabinet minister because he had ‘apologised unreservedly’ but concluded he had been ‘negligent’.

The higher up the greasy pole you get the higher the standards you should be held to account to. So who would have thought that Nu Labor™ would have made the conservatives look like the party of honesty and probity?

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Author: Dr Suusi Watson

Editor of the Bastard

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