Giving The Finger To Obama and then some!

A possible new map of the dis-United States of America
A possible new map of the dis-United States of America

USA – I will admit my source for this rant comes from two kookesh uber-conservative websites who will use any bit of crap to make mischief against Obama but the story that there are US states considering possible secession from the union does have some validity.

Apparently so far eight states have introduced resolutions declaring stronger state sovereignty including Arizona, Hawaii, Montana, Michigan, Missouri, New Hampshire, Oklahoma and Washington State, its rumoured that twenty more states might seek to introduce similar measures this year including Alaska, Alabama, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Nevada, Maine and Pennsylvania.

Firstly it should be no surprise that Alaska, Montana & Vermont would be involved in any kind of movement like this as there been long established secession movements. But it’s a bit of shock that California & Pennsylvania would be involved in such moves. I doubt this is the end of the United States but it is kind of giving the finger President Obama & then some.

Few days ago I heard of a proposed Million Gun Owner March as a warning shot to Obama concerning any liking he might have in favour of stronger gun control. Now I hear that up to twenty state legislatures are rebelling against encroaching federal control over their affairs. Well let’s remember who had been continuously increasing the power of the federal government over the past decade because it hasn’t been Obama & the Democrat party in control. No we all know it was Bush & those wacky Republicans, yes those Republicans who promised ‘smaller government’ yet grow government expediently. Yet now it’s Obama who’s going to get it in the butt for being in favour of big government & of course the Republicans revert back to saying they’re all in favour of smaller government Okay I as I say this story was sourced from a kookish conservative website so no surprise that they’d be using anything to stir mischief but as I say there seems to be a basis to this story & well isn’t it weird that even with the power & control of the federal government has been increasing under the Republicans yet it’s only when the Democrats gain control of Washington that the whole issue of states’ rights kicks up.

It’s something of an irony that in the US that states rights’ is something of an issue of importance for conservatives yet in Britain the equivalent ‘Devolution’ is an issue of importance for liberals. Of course in recent political history in the US the reason states’ rights has been an issue was to do with the southern states wanting to keep segregation /& not wanting to kowtower to the wishes of the federal government.

Personally my opinion on state’s rights or devolution is mixed, I do believe that it’s better that is better that smaller numbers of people have more control over their own governance but at the same time I believe that there does need to federal authority to ensure homogeneity in protecting civil liberties & individual rights. Anybody who knows me knows I’m actually pretty anti nationalism; I often refer to myself as a global federalist. In some ways I’d have no problem if state after state seceded from the union & the US no longer existed I’d not have a problem so long as that somebody had the same rights in Alaska as they’d have in Florida. In fact let me go further I want somebody in Zimbabwe enjoy the same rights as I have in Britain & as somebody has in New Hampshire. Yep I’m an advocate of some kind international constitution & governance but though I believe in that I do believe people are different say in South America then they are in eastern Russia & so people should celebrate their diversity, but diversity should never encroach upon rights & there needs to be a system to ensure that.

Of course some libertarians I happen to know have said to me why not total devolution without any framework? Sure I understand their thinking, Take the issue of Gay Marriage & let’s say California wanted to legalize it but Alabama doesn’t, then that seems a fair compromise & the logic is that if more & more states legalize Gay Marriage then Alabama would relent. Err that logic doesn’t necessarily follow & its unfair to anybody living in one place that they can’t enjoy the same rights as somebody else who happens to of been born elsewhere. I detest this lines on a map mentality so many have & it really disturbs me. Nobody deserves less because they happen to be born one side of a line on a map. It also disturbs me how people can use the term ‘self determination’ as an excuse to keep regressive policies towards civil liberties, in fact I believe to allow a regression of civil liberties is a damnation upon humanity.

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Former Editor of the Bastard, who was killed in a tragic accident by Japanese whalers who mistook him for a minke whale when he fell overboard in the south pacific.

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