Is the American Dream becoming a Nightmare?

Greater Los Angeles.
Greater Los Angeles.

USA – With globalism, the return of mass unemployment due to outsourcing and out of control immigration to the USA the Bastard has to ask is the American dream becoming a nightmare?

Due to policy of outsourcing that has come with increasing globalisation, and the foolish idea that you can export inflation the official rate American unemployment will jump to 9% within three months. It is reckoned that the official US statistics underestimate the real position by 50% This means that the real unemployment rate in the united states could well be 20% and rising.

US agriculture is now so dependent on illegal immigrants for its harvesting that there would simply be no harvest at all if it was not for the Illegals.

Now Los Angeles, an icon of profligate consumption and the American way of life is having to face up to the future. The state of California is having yet another of its periodic droughts and Los Angeles is looking at the prospect of water rationing.

Under the plan adopted in principle by the governing board of the L.A. Department of Water and Power, homes and businesses would pay a penalty rate — nearly double normal prices — for any water they use in excess of a reduced monthly allowance.

The rationing scheme is expected to take effect in May unless the City Council acts before then to reject it — a move seen as unlikely since Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa called for the measure under a water-shortage plan last week.

The only other time such penalty pricing was imposed to force conservation in the nation’s second biggest city was a rationing system put into effect for a year starting in March 1991, at the height of California’s last statewide drought.

That measure cut citywide water use by about 25 percent, DWP spokesman Joseph Ramallo said.

This story may not seem very big water rationing so what? Well your right, but, it does illustrate that the USA consumes more water than falls on the United States.

The United States depends of underground aquifers for its water, and these aquifers are not being re-filled. Thus when the Aquifers are emptied, the United States is going to hit a water crisis.

The coming water crisis will make the current economic look like a walk in the park as vast parts of the southern United States cease to have sufficient water for agriculture and the cities.

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Author: Dr Suusi Watson

Editor of the Bastard

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