Disability Hate Is Alive and Well in Modern Day Britain

Cerrie Burnell (Left) and David Cameron with Ivan
Cerrie Burnell (Left) and David Cameron with Ivan

Currently my thoughts are with Conservative Party leader David Cameron and his wife Samantha concerning the death of his son Ivan. Like Ivan I too suffer from cerebral palsy and epilepsy proof enough that you can reach adulthood suffering from such disorders and enjoy a good quality of life. Proof enough against some who might say that the death of children with such disorders is more probable. Proof enough that this is personal tragedy for David and Samantha Cameron, my sympathies are with them at this time.

One thing I know with David Cameron is unlike previous Tory party leaders he is not going to make excuses for prejudice and hate. I have heard David Cameron speak in favour of equal pay for women, in favour of Gay Marriage, I would imagine he would object to institutions, employers etc, discriminating against disabled folk. I appreciate that if members and supporters of the Conservative Party do not.

I wonder if those who complained about BBC presenter Cerrie Burnell vote conservative. Yes this was a story that broke a couple days ago concerning the CBeebies presenter and that apparently because she has deformed arm is scaring kids. Yeah the BBC has received a flood of complaints from parents saying that Cerrie’s appearance is scaring their children.

Anytime I say that disabled hate is alive and well in modern day Britain people say I am speaking bollocks. Yeah well a one armed TV presenter scaring kiddies is utter bollocks. One thing which is oh so predictable is that the conservative Little-Englanders who’d defend these parents deflect their own prejudices off their children will trot out that overused cliché that having a disabled presenter is ‘political correctness gone mad’.

These days when a Black, Homosexual or Disabled person gets promoted to a prominent position you’re going to have the bigots chirp it’s ‘political correctness gone mad’. Yeah because nobody who happens to be Black or Disabled & etc has any talent, I guess it hasn’t occurred to any bigot chirping such bollocks that in fact members of minorities in fact get ahead these days because they happen to have a great deal of talent rather then it occurring due to political correctness. Of course such things haven’t occurred to people with such bigoted attitudes because a spastic like me is just fucking deluded. Jeez what kind of shit will Ziggy be peddling next… a Black leader of the free world! You just know bigots won’t accept still that Obama was elected on merit.

Over the past decade annoying & in fact worrying to say the least is the growing volume of people who think it’s okay to be bigoted towards the disabled. Somehow these morons seem to think prejudice and hate towards the disabled is rebelling against political correctness… err no it’s just prejudice and hate. Here’s my bottom line prejudice is prejudice, and prejudice is wrong against that which an individual simply can not help!

I would add that anybody who says that having to demand that shops having to have disability access etc is political correctness gone mad is a bigot. Being respectful towards somebody is not political correctness. It is common decency. If you think otherwise then you should question yourself about the sort of society that you want to live in.

One final thing here is a thought for libertarians because I am in the mood to poke libertarians and it’s this thought, if such bigoted attitudes prevail its one reason why there is a need for a welfare state.

Ziggy Encaoua
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