The Ignorance Of Prohibitionists

Derek Copp, left, and Ryan Huizenga
Derek Copp, left, and Ryan Huizenga

20 Year Old Unarmed Marijuana Activist Shot By Police

Often when I encounter individuals who support drug prohibition & therefore the war on drugs I often confront them by asking them if they think it’s okay for the police prevent me from smoking pot at the barrel of the gun? The answer is almost no of course thugs of with guns shouldn’t be raiding the homes of potheads. Thing is your average busy-body prohibitionist doesn’t realise that a consequence of their endorsement of prohibition & therefore a consequence of prohibition is people doing no harm to anybody get shot as explained in the above story.

I really do get a more than a tad frustrated with prohibitionists because they’re just so dumb and ignorant. They seem to think that if you make something illegal then people stop doing that some…sorry I had have a toke. Oh lets not forget to mention that prohibitionists support criminalizing an activity which isn’t hurting a third party. Yeah here’s a concept, a crime is when there’s a victim as in hurting somebody hurting somebody other than yourself etc. So prohibitionists support criminalizing people for an activity where no third party is getting hurt & support the use of force which is used to maintain prohibition. Yeah because pothead is not harming anybody else for spliffing up they can find themselves having guns pointed at their head & many prohibitionists are too fucking dumb to realise that is how a law they support is enforced! Oh finally of course is the most egregious ignorance of the prohibitionist, the violation of the basic human right that being one owns their own body. Yes the prohibitionist seems to think that they have the right to tell you what you should be doing with your own body even if whatever you’re doing with your own body doesn’t affect them & therefore should be none of their fucking business!

I do get frustrated at the stupidity & ignorance of prohibitionist. When I hear or read stories such as unarmed potheads getting shot by the police then I want to rub prohibitionist face in the egregiousness of a story such as that; I want to rub their motherfucking faces in the consequences of the bullshit they support. Yeah here’s a thought for them do you hear about gang wars over aspirin? Ah no because the drugs the government say are okay too take are legally available & of course the government is right about everything. Oh & for those prohibitionists who say marijuana is a gateway drug all I gotta say is chocolate. Yeah I’m sure every crack addict has eaten a chocolate bar in their time…fuck chocolate bars are a gateway drug we need to ban Snicker bars. Oh wait you already are trying to outlaw chocolate because most busy-body prohibitionist dumbasses are health Nazis. Does your control freakery have no bounds?

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