Obama sends a message to Iran

A Haft sin table in Tehran.
A Haft sin table in Tehran.

USA – Barack Obama, has sent a video message to the people and leaders of Iran, saying that he wants use Nowruz festival (the Iranian New Year) to end decades of tension.

The sending of a message is a good start, but renewing sanctions against Iran is hardly likely to be helpful.

The Iranian New Year, Nowruz, is not an Islamic festival and is celebrated by Iranians of all religions.

This is long overdue especially as the US Republican party negotiated a deal with the leaders of Islamic revolution to make sure that the hostage crisis went on until after Jimmy Carter lost the presidential election to Ronald Reagan. In order to portray Jimmy Carter as a weak President.

We are sorry that we have not yet been able to source the version with Farsi subtitles. We will endeavor to correct this as soon as we can secure a copy.

We feel that it is important that we see what was actually said, not just what we are told was said.

Let us hope that Obama lives up to the hype, rather than being seduced by the insane calls for war from the Republican right wing.

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Author: Dr Suusi Watson

Editor of the Bastard

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