Police Announce London Riots

From the Poll Tax Riot that brought down Thatcher

UK – The Metropolitan Police said today that they are expecting an unprecedented wave of protests relating to the G20 summit being held in the UK in a few weeks.

Its as if the police want there to be riot or two so the police then can say that’s what happens when you give all the right to protest.

Maybe somebody should be telling the hired thugs with guns that the he right to peacefully protest is an inalienable right and therefore a basic human right, so restricting it is infringing upon individual’s human rights to protest peacefully.

Sure sadly there are anarchist groups who are involved with these kinds of protests who stir up violence and sure thorough bricks etc is not a legitimate means of protesting, however we often find out at a later date that these groups are infiltrated by the security services who place agent provocateurs to egg these groups into violent means. All so the security services can say hey you allow people to protest then hey people abuse it and so its better for all if we had a police state.

I will have to admit I do not entirely agree with the position of many who participate in these kinds of protests. Anarchists remind me of stroppy teenagers who have not learnt that they can not always get their own way. Leftie anti-globalists really are just ignorant and in need of reading Adam Smith then admit to themselves how much they have benefited from free trade.

Now I may not agree with the positions of many of those who will be protesting next month but I will staunchly support their right to free speech therefore their right to protest and condemn the police pre-empting trouble and therefore inviting troublemakers to stir things up.

Remember the police are merely but the agents of the state and the state want there to be trouble for it gives government the excuse (if one’s needed) to get more authoritarian, so remember violence is never the answer.

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Author: Ziggy Encaoua

Former Editor of the Bastard, who was killed in a tragic accident by Japanese whalers who mistook him for a minke whale when he fell overboard in the south pacific.

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