You Now Can Bump Off Rich Auntie Nelly..& Not Be Arrested!

Patricia Hewitt
Hewitt as Health Minister or Saddam Hussein – it’s hard to tell

UK – Former health secretary Patricia Hewitt is urging MPs to support a change in the law so that people will not be able to travel to with an individual to Dignitas the euthanasia clinic in Switzerland and therefore will not be open to prosecution when re-entering the UK. In other words if Patricia Hewitt gets her way then its bonanza day for anybody with a rich Aunt Nelly who’s always moaning about her ailments. No longer will family members have to wait for the old bitch to croak to get their grubby hands on her loot, no they can just take her on nice relaxing holiday in Switzerland.

I do find it creepy that a former health secretary has seeming to be coming out in support of assisted suicide. Okay as far as I know Hewitt is not in support of legalizing assisted suicide in the UK but she is good enough saying, hey you got a terminally ill member of your family who is a pain in the arse to care for, hey take them to Switzerland where assisted suicide is legal. But what I find really creepy is that Patricia Hewitt use to be the health secretary. Yes the individual who use to be charge of running the NHS is supporting assisted suicides and one would suspect that the NHS uses a great deal of resources and spends a great deal of money on caring for the terminally ill and disabled. So one must ponder whether this is a ploy from with in government to start nudging the disabled to kill themselves. I have pondered for a while how long it would be before the government starts encouraging the terminally ill and disabled to think about suicide because after all they just cost the government money and people are always bitching about how much they are overtaxed.

As you can tell I am not a great fan of euthanasia orĀ assisted suicides but equally I am not a fan of genetic engineering. I’m a person who is disabled for life and I do not want to find myself in a world where either suicide is serious option for those with those with needs are too expensive or a world where those who are imperfect are encouraged to kill themselves.

I know people are going to call me a selfish git and I have no understanding of what it is like to have a terminal illness. Hey I was born disabled and I will die disabled, I am disabled for life, I might be able to achieve all I want to achieve because I am disabled but it does not mean I have had any less of a life. I will tell you what is selfish its when these euthanasia enthusiasts want all and sundry to assist in their termination and not realising the consequences of legalising assisted suicide being used as a tool by government to rid them the costly sick and disabled to it being a charter for the next Dr Shipman. Oh and let me mention something else is selfish about euthanasia fanatics. You do not have inalienable right to choose when you die (as some of them like to believe) because if it was how do you recompense when somebody is dead from getting hit by a bus or from a brain aneurysm?

I know somebody is going to bark at well are not you always going on about one owns their own body? Yes I am and if you want to commit suicide hey go switch the oven on I am not suggesting nobody has the right to end their own life. Just they do not have the right to get either another individual or the government involved in aiding them to do so because to do so would be entering an ethical minefield and the consequences could be truly dire for the disabled and sick.

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The New Swiss Tourist Board Campaign:

“If you have an annoying rich aunt why not come to Switzerland we can bump her off for you!”

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