Jade Goody Is Dead… Err So What!!!!!!!!

The Stupid Slapper on Big Brother
The Stupid Slapper on Big Brother

UK – Remember when Princess Diana died? How the media went overkill about how she was the greatest individual to of walked the earth since Jesus, it did get to the point where I half expected her to arise from her coffin at the funeral. Okay the media haven’t reach those proportions with the death of Jade Goody but her death is headline news and I have to ask why?

One thing Jade & Diana have in common is shallowness of their celebrity status, in other words that they were merely famous for being famous & weren’t famous for actually doing anything in particular. Diana was a Sloane Ranger who got lucky ten unlucky & Jade Goody was a chavy cunt who slummed in a TV studio for a few weeks. Its not like either of them have written a great piece of literature or painted a great masterpiece, not like the designed a great building or built that great building, not like they ended war, pestilence & famine.

Other then it being headline news the fact that Gordon Brown felt the need to comment upon the death of Jade Goody just says it all about the extent to which society has degraded. The British Prime Minster is being asked to comment upon the passing of a celebrity who’s a celebrity simply for being a celebrity. Fucking hell the British Prime Minster is endorsing that being an airhead being a good thing!

Actually why should it be any surprise that the Prime Minster is joining in the fervour about Jade Goody after all is a distraction from the real important news about government infringing upon our civil liberties & fucking up the economy & etc. This is what infuriates me with all the hype & bullshit about the demise of Jade Goody. Yes it might highlights the irrelevance of what counts as important to the vast majority of the populous but is anybody going to about it? In fact more worryingly what can anybody do about it? Are things too far gone when the majority of the populous credit Jade Goody with so much importance, when people seem to have far more respect for fucking airheads then those with an ounce of intellect?

Jade Goody represented much of what I despise about modern society that its okay to be ignorant & loutish, that cool to be famous for being famous for being loutish & ignorant, that its better to piss on those with intellect then respect them. That its okay not to want to educate yourself & improve one’s intellect rather everything should be pitched to their level otherwise they’ll start getting violent. Yeah the mere suggestion that rather then killing their brain cells with beer & being brainwashed with reality TV shows that they should try & improve themselves can result in being attacked by a hail of fists., actually just expressing that you might have an intellect being attacked by a hail of fists.

Okay Jade’s death won’t stop the dumbing-down of society but the hype over the past few weeks has been a reminder of the dumbing-down of society & that the majority of the populous really needs to sort out what & whom to attach importance to me. Because then when some other celebrity is famous on the basis of fuck all people will see it as I do about Jade Goody she’s dead so fucking what there’s far more important things going on in the world worthy of attention.

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Author: Ziggy Encaoua

Former Editor of the Bastard, who was killed in a tragic accident by Japanese whalers who mistook him for a minke whale when he fell overboard in the south pacific.

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