Israeli Military Maim a US Protester, Obama’s Silence makes him Complicit.

American Activist Tristan Anderson, Who was Critically Injured by Israeli Military
American Activist Tristan Anderson, Who was Critically Injured by Israeli Military

Israel – Once again Israeli contempt for anyone who is not worshiping at the altar of Zionism. The Israeli way of rehabilitating some of the 20th Century’s greatest evils, ethnic cleansing, genocide, slavery, racism and apartheid.

Tristan Anderson, 38, from California remains in critical condition after three brain operations at Tel Hashomer hospital in Israel, as a result of the shot in the head by high velocity tear gas canister, at the end of a regular joint Arab-Jewish demonstration against the Israeli separation barrier in the West Bank village of Ni’lin.

Witnesses to the horrific shooting insist that neither Mr Anderson, nor his immediate companions, were throwing stones or posing any threat to the forces.

“We are scared and really just in shock,” said Mrs. Anderson with tears in her eyes. “To shoot peaceful demonstrators is horrific to us. We ask that the Israeli government publicly take full responsibility for shooting our son.” To date, the Anderson family has not been contacted by any representative of the Israeli government or military, a fact that attorney Michael Sfard, who also spoke at today’s press conference, described at “shameful.”

Just like Rachel Corrie, who was deliberately run over by an Israeli army bulldozer driver, the US political establishment has not said a word and there has been no mention of the brutal events in the American newspapers.

Such is the power of Israeli control over the US media and political establishment.

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Author: Dr Suusi Watson

Editor of the Bastard

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