Jacqui Smith: Just a Symptom of the Disease!

Jacqui Smith, who was said to be 'mortified' after she was forced to offer a humiliating apology for an expenses claim.
Jacqui Smith, who was said to be ‘mortified’ after she was forced to offer a humiliating apology for an expenses claim.

UK – No one can blame Jacqui Smith’s husband of watching the odd porno movie, especially if she is away on parliamentary business. We couldn’t blame him if he was to invite some nubile young lady or young man round to watch the movies with as part of an extended evening’s entertainment. Whatever floats his boat…

What we do object to is the pair of them having the arrogance and stupidity to expect the taxpayer to pay for the privilege. If you want to watch a wank movie then you pay. That’s OK with me.

BUT this is just the tip of the iceberg! Jacqui Smith is also being investigated for claiming £157,631-00 in expenses, by claiming that her sister’s house is her second home.

You can hardly be surprised that we have over 1000 police officers with serious criminal convictions still serving in the force.

As home secretary, and the head of the police force, Jacqui Smith should be above reproach and squeaky clean. I know that leading by example is a bit old fashioned but, the next time a bent copper fiddles his or her expenses or lies in court, he can justify it as following Jacqui Smith’s example.

Let us be fair to Jacqui Smith, she is just the symptom of the disease, not the disease itself. There is Peter ‘Fingers’ Hain and his £103,000-00 that he forgot to declare, £4000-00 that Jack ‘Sticky Fingers’ Straw the Justice secretary forgot to declare and not forgetting ‘Wanker’ Brown and the £1600-00 in rent that he forgot. The rot goes to the very top

The disease is rampant and contaminates both main parties in Westminster. The main symptom of this disease is a total and utter contempt for the electorate, and a refusal to accept that all political parties derive their legitimacy from the electorate.

Cooped up in the Westminster village and only mixing with people who agree with your own viewpoint, and political lobbyist who are handing out wads of cash in exchange for political favours, it is no wonder that the MP’s are contemptuous of the electorate. It should be no surprise that the electorate is getting increasingly disenchanted with the political process.

The cure for the disease is really simple and that is to get out of the Westminster village and into the real world. Listen to ordinary people, and learn from them, they do know more than you. Engage with your electorate.

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Author: Dr Suusi Watson

Editor of the Bastard

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