Decorated soldier cleared of ‘disgraceful conduct’ even though he was guilty!

Lance Corporal Peter McKinley won the Military Cross, held a man down so others could sexually assault him. What a fucking Pervert.
Lance Corporal Peter McKinley won the Military Cross, held a man down so others could sexually assault him. What a fucking Pervert.

UK – Once again the Military Courts have shown themselves to be a travesty of Justice, with the acquittal of a British paratrooper who was accused of was involved in the indecent assault against a fellow soldier who was accused of being a coward.

Lance Corporal Peter McKinley, who was considered for a Victoria Cross and won the Military Cross in Afghanistan, was yesterday cleared of a charge of “disgraceful conduct of an indecent kind”.

The prosecution at a military trial at Colchester, Essex, had claimed he held down a teenage soldier who had been stripped naked and handcuffed while other paratroopers allegedly assaulted the teenager. The incident was watched by other soldiers and filmed on mobile phones, the court was told.

Hang on there, Lance Corporal Peter McKinley was filmed on mobile phones holding down a teenage soldier so that others could sexually assault him, and the military court has exonerated him?

So it seems that popularity and bravery are a get out of gaol free card. Also that the Army put bullying above respect for the law. Worse still do not regard sexual assault as crime worth punishing.

Well it looks like a repeat of the disgraced system that acquitted British soldiers of beating to death an Iraqi man, Baha Mousa, 26, a hotel worker, who was beaten to death by British soldiers, whilst in custody. Mousa had some 93 separate injuries.

The teenage soldier, described as “unpopular”, had been involved in an altercation with Lance Corporal McKinley before the alleged assault, the trial was told. He then became absent without leave upon returning to Britain and complained of the assault when an officer contacted him.

The Bastard Says:

If a man holds a woman down and she is sexually assaulted by by others, and it is filmed on mobile phones, then the man holding the woman down and all the people filming the event are guilty of sexual assault. The exception being anyone who takes the recording to the law, so it can be used as evidence against the sexual perverts.

Which bit of this precedent does the Military Court not get? By failing to convict all who took part in this appalling episode, what message is the army giving out?

Well we at the Bastard will tell you – That Rape and sexual assault are not OK and there are plenty of precedents for that.

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Author: Dr Suusi Watson

Editor of the Bastard

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