UK grows some balls at last!

The Dubai Assassins hand picked by Mossad
The Dubai Assassins hand picked by Mossad

UK – At long last the UK has grown some Balls and stood up to Israel. Today Israel’s top spy in London was ordered home today after the government said Mossad had cloned British passports for use in the assassination of a Hamas terrorist.

Foreign Secretary David Miliband condemned Israel’s abuse of British passports for a hit squad as a ‘profound disregard for the sovereignty of the United Kingdom’ and warned that it had put British lives at risk.

But why stop there? Why not kick out the ambassador Ron Prosor who is almost as repulsive as his Boss Avigdor Lieberman. Then again do we want Lieberman here either?

The Moldovan born fascist that poses as Minister of Foreign Affairs and he also has the title of Deputy Prime Minister. If anyone applied Lieberman’s opinion about Arabs to Jews they would be rightly condemned out of hand as a Nazi.

Israel as a country has been seduced by the allure and false promises of fascism. The determination of Netanyahu’s government not to have anything to do with a just peace with the Palestinians. Coupled with the wide spread view in Israel that the demographic problem can be solved by expelling all the Palestinians from what Zionists call greater Israel. A belief backed up by Israel having been allowed to get away with previous ethnic cleansing campaign, and countless other war crimes by virtue of an American Veto in the United Nations.

It is time to tell Israel that we want nothing to do with its products, and politicians until there is a genuine peace with the Palestinians and Syria.

But there is no chance of that happening because David Miliband and Gordon Brown, were recently grovelling to Israel, promising to make changes to Britain’s war crimes laws, because senior Israeli politicians and military figures had fallen foul of them. Exactly who does David Miliband and Gordon Brown represent the United Kingdom or Israel?

There must be no get out of jail cards for war crimes, no matter who commits them.

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Author: Dr Suusi Watson

Editor of the Bastard

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