Wanker Brown is only sorry he got caught

Wanker Brown: I apologise if I said anything that has been offensive - You mean he does not know that it was offencive
Wanker Brown: I apologise if I said anything that has been offensive – You mean he does not know that it was offencive

UK – We all have to be careful of the odd unguarded comment. But when you are the Prime Minister, on the hustings just before a general election and having lead a wildly unpopular government. It is doubly so.

Yet when our dear Prime Minister Wanker Brown, was asked a question about immigration from Gillian Duffy, a care worker who supported labour in the past.

He ducked answering it and palmed her off with a remark about 1 million Britons moving to Europe. An answer typical of the British political class which is supporting unrestricted immigration in the face of opposition of the vast majority of the British population.

1 million Britons may have emigrated during the 13 years of Nu Labor™ misrule, but since November 1999 some 3 million people have replaced them. This is something that should be debated. The fact that it is not is nothing short of scandalous.

Back to the main story after he parted and returned to, what he thought was the privacy of his car. He called Gillian Duffy a “sort of Bigoted woman” after carelessly forgetting to take off the SKY News radio microphone.

Awful though his calling a labour supporter a bigot was, it pales into insignificance when you think about Wanker Brown complaining that he was put in the position of having to talk to a member of the public, and a worse still a working class Labour voter.

Brown had met a member of the pubic, had a conversation – and now he wanted to know who had put him in that position! WTF? If Gordon Brown doesn’t want to meet his core supporters and address their concerns just exactly what does he want to do? Surround himself with mindless ass licks whilst the BNP slips in and nicks the core vote?

The trouble with the New Labor™ Party is that they hate the very people that elect them. They are a metropolitan elite who are wholly owned by big business voted in, by and large, by the white working classes especially in the north of the country. Yet they have nothing in common with white working class, which they hold in utter contempt.

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Author: Dr Suusi Watson

Editor of the Bastard

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