Wanker Brown robs the Disabled

Wanker Brown stoops to robbing the disabled.
Wanker Brown stoops to robbing the disabled.

UK – At this point, with a general election in progress, you would have thought that Wanker Brown’s government would have avoided shooting itself in the foot again.

You could not be more wrong! In a move reminiscent of declaring that pensioners were subject to lower rate in inflation than the official RPI. So that they could reduce the cost of pensions.

This time the Government has targeted the disabled. In a seemingly innocuous move the disability payments are being switched from weekly to every two weeks, two weeks in hand.

The letters notifying the disabled about this change, then offer to give a crisis loan to cover the missing week’s payment. This crisis loan is to be repaid at £15-00 every two weeks deducted at source.

“I don’t get it” I hear you say but that is the point what you are forgetting is that the disabled do not get better. They die with the disability. Their estate will get the payment.

The only way that the disabled will get the missing week’s payment is to come off disability. This of course is not going to happen.

What a sneaky way to save 1/52 th of the disability budget.

Oh but wait that is not all. This is only stage one. There is a stage two, in which the disabled will be switched to two weeks in hand. That is that they will be paid two weeks money after the two weeks have passed. This will mean that there will be a second weeks payment that will be delayed.

The pill will be once again sweetened with the offer of another crisis loan to be paid back under the same terms.

So for a saving of 1/26 th of the disability budget, Wanker Brown is set to rob the disabled of a second weeks payment. Typical of the duplicitous nature of the man and his despicable government.

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Author: Dr Suusi Watson

Editor of the Bastard

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