Whoever Wins the Election the IMF Must Audit the Books!

2599UK – It is a matter of the greatest imperative that whoever wins the general election calls in the IMF to do a thorough Audit of the United Kingdom’s books. This Audit needs to go back to the beginning of the ZaNuLaborPF rule in 1997.

What we do know that the UK is heavily in debt and is spending far more than it should. The ZaNuLaborPF project heralded an era where spin, lies and outright fraud were much more important than the facts. The problems is that all national statistics have been subject to this regime of lies and fraud as well.

So unless in the highly unlikely event of ZaNuLaborPF having kept two sets of books, one real and the other spin rinsed, we have no idea what the real financial position is. We know it is unlikely because someone would have leaked them to the press by now, in order to unseat Wanker Brown.

Wanker Brown’s famous claim to have tamed the beast of inflation, is a total lie. The statistics were manipulated at every opportunity to give flesh to this lie. The proof being that the price of petrol is passed on through out the whole economy, thus into the official inflation rate.

Oil prices have swung wildly and have been on a steady increase to is current $86 a barrel. But the official inflation does not reflect this.

The other thing that needs doing is for the three main political parties to appoint one person to a Royal Commission to agree:

  1. which official statistics are important
  2. how the official statistics are created
  3. the publication of proper annual accounts
  4. the makeup of the annual accounts report

Once the royal commission has reported the parliament of the day would then be required to pass the conclusions of the commission’s into law.

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Author: Dr Suusi Watson

Editor of the Bastard

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