You Can Vote Once Then You Can Vote Again…hey Ain’t democracy Via Electoral Fraud Brilliant!

Sheffield's Hallum where people were locked preventing them from voting
Sheffield’s Hallum where people were locked preventing them from voting

UK – You need to show valid ID to buy alcohol, you need Id to buy cigarettes; I’ve heard stories being asked for photo ID to buy a pet, I’ve even heard a story of somebody well over the age of 18 being asked for photo ID to buy a DVD at their local supermarket. But all you need to vote in Britain all you need is a polling card & it doesn’t have to necessarily yours.

The way some people bollock on about how precious they reckon casting your vote happens to be; you’d think that there’d be strict oversight of voters casting their vote, but in fact the oversight is in fact pretty lax & its more than a tad easy to commit electoral fraud in Britain. All those in Britain thinking one man one vote is the greatest thing since sliced bread & worship democracy, probably are clueless as to the amount electoral fraud which British democracy is built upon.

The most common form of electoral fraud is done via postal vote; this is when the head of the household is sent the voter registration form & is trusted as the head of the household to honestly put down the number of people living at that address. Once the head of a household has registered the people at that address they then can apply for postal vote for those individuals. There have been local politicians of ALL POLITICAL PARTIES who have been known not to be honest about the number of people living at their address & so will register more people than there actually are living at their address & apply for postal votes for the non existing people they’ve registered at that particular address. This has more of a bearing when it comes to local elections where there are less of a turn out & tens of vote count rather than hundreds or thousands; so basically if some member of the local council has ten people registered at their address then they can use those fraudulent votes to comfortably hang on to their seat on the local council.

It’s well known that in Northern Ireland fraud surrounding postal votes has been occurring for years & in some constituencies in Northern Ireland there have been constituencies that have had 105% turnout. I guess in Northern Ireland most people would want to use a postal vote for fear of intimidation at polling stations etc, being as things are a tad sectarian there & made politics more polar & vicious than anywhere else in the UK. On the mainland fraud surrounding postal votes has tended to happen in inner city areas where the BNP has a presence. The far right has been known in local elections to park a collective of their thugs outside blocks of apartments where there are immigrants living as a means of intimidating immigrants from voting; I’m sure the extremist elements in Northern Ireland do likewise where there are enclaves of people who are opposed to their views. As for postal vote fraud there has been evidence that the BNP are guilty, but there’s been evidence unearthed saying that the Lib Dems & Labour have also committed electoral fraud via postal votes. There have been cases of electoral fraud via postal votes involving the Lib Dems and Labour in Liverpool, Birmingham & this week there have been accusations in a borough of London.

What’s weird is that it’s usually been media scrutiny rather than any checking by the local authorities which has unearthed evidence of electoral fraud & it’s not anonymously via postal vote which you can commit electoral fraud.

You can commit electoral fraud in person

The most common form of electoral fraud I’ve heard of is when a parent who’s offspring is at university and they use their son or daughter’s polling card usually because they can’t find their own. However I did hear of one story where a parent in their daughter’s polling card in the morning then went back in the evening & used their own, I guess there had been a change of shift of the officials staffing the particular polling station they attended.

Whenever there’s an election whether it’s local, European or national & you don’t have a postal vote you get a polling card, but there’s no evidence that the polling card you present at the polling station happens to your own. Anytime I’ve voted after presenting my polling card the most I’ve been asked is my name & once my address, but I’ve never been asked for photo ID or any other ID to prove the polling card I’ve presented has been my own. Because the maximum you’re likely to be asked is name & address & because those details are on the polling card itself, its in fact extremely easy to commit electoral fraud & get away with it.

At the 2005 general election I read a story on the BBC website about people selling their votes on eBay, which of course is illegal; but you don’t need to use eBay to obtain polling cards & the authorities would be none the wiser you’ve committed electoral fraud. One could easily buy polling cards from those who don’t vote & who also are people who tend to need cash, so long as the polling station is not your local polling station where you may version, it’s possible no overseer would be none the wiser. I’m surprised that there aren’t workers for the political parties who don’t go up & down the country voting in key marginal on cards obtained from those who don’t vote & have sold their polling cards needing cash or have obtained cards from the very recently deceased.

I’ll admit I’m not the biggest fan of democracy as I think it just boils down to mob rule or that because 51% of people vote etc then etc must be right & so have plenty of arguments with those who blindly worship majority rule. But when the present rules on voting can so easily be broken & their democracy could easily be built upon fraud as they see it, even those who worship democracy must think something must be done to prevent the democratic system they worship being distorted or built upon fraud.

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