Good bye and Good Riddance

This just says it all.
This just says it all.

UK – So ‘Wanker’ Brown has finally gone from Number 10 and the country has sighed a collective sigh of relief. None so great as in the Labour party, who are glad to be rid of such an electoral liability. No doubt they will get down to their usual practice of the blame game and recriminations.

Gone is the man who stole your pensions, to pay for tax credits for the already well off and so called baby bonds.

The man who rewarded business and City financiers for exporting unskilled jobs to China and the far east. Just as many people come out of inner city schools unable to read or write as there were thirty years ago. They need unskilled jobs.

The man who claimed to be improving the education system by lowering the standard of education required to get an ‘A’ level to that little better than the old ‘O’ level.

The man who reduced the value of a degree to that of an apprenticeship whilst at the same time creating a record number of unemployed graduates.

The man who lied constantly about the real economic position so that he could claim to have conquered the dragon of inflation that has dogged every government since the dawn of fiat currency.

The man who did not even try to control the money supply or the level of the national debt.

The man who claimed to have seen the economic crisis coming eleven years ago and then did absolutely nothing to prevent it happening.

The man who has sent more and more British soldiers into the graveyard of empires. That hell hole called Afghanistan, in pursuance of American imperial dreams.

The man who bankrupted the country, and claimed that as he had presided over the economic disaster that made him the best person to get us out of the economic mess that he has created.

This is the man who claimed that you could spend your way out of debt

Any one of the above criticisms should be enough to send the man to the tower of London for execution. If only his fellow party members had the decency to leave him in a room with a loaded pistol and a bottle of whiskey. If he was an honourable man he would do the decent thing and put a bullet in his brain.

Well now he has gone the country as a whole can dare to hope that things can only get better. A coalition government between the conservatives and the Liberal Democrats means that the Conservatives cannot go hog wild. A problem last seen in 1990’s Conservatism and the whole Nu Labor™ experience.

No wonder the country voted for a hung parliament.

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Author: Dr Suusi Watson

Editor of the Bastard

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