Sadistic Mother Jailed for Life for Kicking her Baby to Death!

Collette Harris, 16 years for Murdering her baby son Bobby
Collette Harris, 16 years for Murdering her baby son Bobby

UK – A Sadistic mother has been jailed for life after she kicked and punched her 21-month-old son to death in Bexleyheath, Kent.

Bobby Louch was found with around 80 different injuries at his Bexleyheath home in December 2008.

Richard Whittam, QC, prosecuting, said: ”At the time of his death, Bobby Louch was covered in bruises.

The toddler had a burn on his right hand.

Whittam went on, ”The sum total of injuries to his head was such that he is unlikely to have been remotely normal thereafter.”

”The injury to his abdomen was the result of a significant direct trauma, perhaps a punch or a kick.”

”There is compelling evidence that the multiple injuries suffered by Bobby Louch were the result of deliberate and repeated violence.

”The injuries which caused his death were inflicted when he was living with his mother and her then boyfriend James Phillips.

Collette Harris denied the charges, blaming boyfriend James Phillips, a drug addict, who was cleared of all the charges against him.

The Recorder of London Peter Beaumont said: ‘It was a terrible thing you did for reasons that are quite incomprehensible, the suffering that was inflicted upon him before death and the abuse of your position of trust.

‘I take into account there was an intention not to kill but to cause really serious injuries.’

The judge said the 30-year-old would serve a minimum of 16 years after being found guilty of murder.

The bulk of Bobby’s injuries were inflicted in the 48 hours leading up to his death on December 29, 2008. But his did not happen in isolation, her son Bobby had been treated for a broken leg three weeks earlier and was kept in hospital for a scan when bruises were seen on his head.

The kid’s mother, Collette Harris, complained she was being ‘victimised’ and said the bruises were the result of Bobby banging his head on his cot.

Hospital tests revealed the fractured leg was caused accidentally and no other serious or mysterious injuries were detected so he was discharged.

He had fatal damage to his brain and abdomen and his injuries were so severe they would normally be seen in a car crash, the Old Bailey was told.

He had suffered ‘extensive’ bleeding within the skull, bleeding in the spine, as well as severe damage to internal organs as if he had been kicked or punched to the stomach and head

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