Railways, Asda, Tesco’s and Banks Discriminate against European Customers

2702UK – Despite the passing into law of the discrimination acts and the provision of goods and services acts, there are some areas where discrimination is going on unchecked. A good example of this is if you are very short of petrol late at night and you stop at a Tesco’s ‘Pay @ Pump’ station.

Do not expect to be able to fill up your car if you have a visa electron card. This also applies to the petrol retail side of Tesco’s.

But it is not just Tesco’s Asda also refuse Electron cards for ‘Pay @ pump’ petrol stations.

When challenged about refusing Electron cards for the purchase of petrol at ‘pay @ pumps’ both Asda and Tesco’s blamed their bankers.

Unfortunately none of the people we spoke to would tell us who the bankers were.

But Supermarkets are not the only ones, Network Rail and the train operators also refuse electron cards for the purchase of rail tickets.

This is utterly insane. No wonder business in the UK is so bad if they are declining business from both British and European customers. Worse still it is almost certainly against European regulations to discriminate against customers from within the EU.

More to the point it should a criminal offence for a European business to refuse funds offered on any credit card or charge card issued by any bank in the EU (that has the funds to cover the transaction)
We sent this to Tesco’s PR department today, and are waiting a reply…

James Wiggam

It appears that Tesco petrol stations have stopped accepting Electron cards

Today approx 15:00 When I challenged the staff at Hatfield Tesco Petrol station ‘Pay at Pump’ as to why they were no longer accepting Electron cards they claimed that it was their banks that were the problem.

Previously at Royston Tescos Pay @ pump it was declined and the card was declined at Royston petrol paying office.

An organisation the size of Tesco’s should be able to tell their bankers to accept any credit or cash card issued anywhere in the EU or else.

There are two good reasons for this

1. it is bad for business to decline business from Electron customers most of whom will be European customers.
2. it is almost certainly a breach of EU trade regulations to discriminate against customers from the EU and EU banks.

What is Tesco’s position on this?


Dr Suusi Watson

Anyway we are waiting on replies from Tesco’s Asda Network Rail, First Capital Connect and Sainsbury’s

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Author: Dr Suusi Watson

Editor of the Bastard

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