Hey Let’s Kill the Disabled, the Poor, and the Mentally ill, It’s the Democracy You Want!

Part of the Action T4 program from Nazi Germany Circa 1938
Part of the Action T4 program from Nazi Germany Circa 1938

UK – I think it was Benjamin Franklin who once said that all democracy happened to be was two wolves and a sheep voting on what to have for dinner. For a good while I have been questioning whether democracy is the best in relation to the cause of individual liberty.

I have become increasingly alarmed in particular at the rise in attitude throughout the masses that if the majority of people vote for etc then it’s justified to enact etc, no matter whether etc egregious upon human rights. The thinking of many seems to be that democracy should basically be 51% of people vote to eat the other 49% then that’s morally just because the many have been programmed that’s democracy, because democracy is right and just.

Yesterday I was listening to Alex Jones Infowars]when I heard him say there were reports in the British media of a government website on which people were suggesting sterilizing the disabled, mentally ill and the poor. Typically with Alex Jones I thought it was an sensationalist over exaggeration as Alex is in the habit of exaggerating and manipulating things to fit in with his paranoid conspiracy theories. Because I thought is was possibly an over exaggeration or total bullshit that there would be a government website suggesting that the she disabled should be sterilized, I went and researched things for myself. I was shocked to find out that for once Alex Jones wasn’t over exaggerating nor bullshitting.

I’m sure people might of heard in the news that the new government had set up a website spending challenge where the general public can suggest ways the government can cut public spending and its this very website where people have been suggesting sterilizing the disabled amongst other disadvantaged groups.

I think it was Oscar Wilde that said allow a man a mask and he will give you an honest opinion; oh boy haven’t we just found out what the general public really think, I am just surprised that people have only suggested sterilization of the disadvantaged.

Fuck it why not go the whole hog and suggest killing the poor, disabled and mentally ill, I mean in the long run it would be far cheaper to just kill off all perceived to be a burden on society or who are perceived to be different or just anybody the majority doesn’t like the look of. Yeah fuck it lets just kill off anybody who doesn’t have short back & sides, works nine to five, lives in a semi detached & has 4 point 2 children, owns a station wagon, takes holidays in Spain, listens to Coldplay, watches football on a Saturday & eats roast beef on a Sunday. From both the left & right of the political spectrum there’s this notion that the best society is a homogenised society, well the best way of ensuring that is to kill off anybody who doesn’t fit in with what the majority perceives as a homogenised society.

Its not much of a leap to say if people are suggesting the sterilization of the disabled and alike, that next they would be suggesting killing off the disabled and the like. The Third Reich started off by suggesting the sterilization of Jews and the mentally ill, but we all know what the Third Reich proceeded to do to anybody who they did not perceive to fit in with how they wanted society to be.

Of course if the majority of people want to kill off people then that’s okay with Terry Little Englander and Ricky Chav because hey that is democracy, bollocks to human rights such as the right to life, democracy must be obeyed according to Terry Little Englander & Ricky Chav & the masses, because that’s what the majority wants & what the majority wants is right. People now seem to perceive democracy to be might is right & all that happens to be is the tyranny of the majority.

It seriously horrifies me that people think that its okay to inflict whatever tyranny upon individuals on the basis of majority rule.

When I hear stories such as people proposing to sterilize the poor, disabled & mentally Ill, it turns me into an a rabid libertarian anarchist foaming at the mouth; because I’m fully aware that those who think it’s a good idea to things like this could attain governmental power. A lot of people on the left will say to me that government has done a lot of good for the likes of me, I’m not denying that to be true but its only happened because that’s what those in government have wanted, but what if those who want to do me harm get into government? Ah but of course I’m just being melodramatic. I wonder if there were Jews in 1920s Berlin who thought those Nazis have some nutty ideas and they will never win power. Of course people particularly on the left of the political spectrum say I would be be dead, if the government if many got their ways. Anarchists often argue that it’s the apparatus of government which is the root of the problem and I’m beginning to understand why. If there was no government its totally up to me to fend for myself where as with government it isn’t; I’d of preferred a situation where I had to of fended for myself then have had a governmental system that fended for me, especially as that system can be usurped by those who don’t want to fend for me but to do me harm.

I am wondering now if the disabled and alike that have been assisted by government are now finding out their they are turkeys being fattened up for slaughter. It is time for the turkeys to be roasted. But hey if the majority wants the turkeys to be fattened and roasted despite what the turkeys think then hey that’s democracy!

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Author: Ziggy Encaoua

Former Editor of the Bastard, who was killed in a tragic accident by Japanese whalers who mistook him for a minke whale when he fell overboard in the south pacific.

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