BNP wins another round against the UK Establishment!

BNP leader Nick Griffin –

UK – Once again the British political establishment has shown that its stupidity by banning the BNP leader Nick Griffin from the Queen’s tea party, allegedly for exploiting the invitation for political purposes.

A Palace spokesman said his behaviour had “increased the security threat and the potential discomfort” to other guests.

This is the second year that the BNP leader had been set to attend a Palace garden party last year as a guest of BNP London assembly member Richard Barnbrook but pulled out after an outcry.

In an interview with GMTV on Thursday morning, he said had pulled out of last year’s garden party because of “immense pressure” put on the person who had invited him but insisted that this year he had been invited in his own right.

The Establishment really has shot its self in the foot, by banning the BNP leader, from the palace garden party, because it has caused the BNP to gain far greater publicity, than it would have gained if the invitation had should.

No matter how the Palace and the establishment dresses it up, the BNP can now legitimately argue that there is one law for the BNP and and another for everyone else.

It seems like they learned nothing from the BNP’s appearance on Question time before the election.

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Author: Dr Suusi Watson

Editor of the Bastard

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