Post Work Program Pogrom Blues – Part 4

3023UK – I have been a little quiet for the last week, because I have been on the pogrom for a week now. So what is it like then I hear you ask?

I have to admit that I started the week with a certain amount of trepidation. A toxic mix of draconian threats, and demands for diverse personal paperwork again backed up by draconian threats. Did not bode well for the future.

Neither did reports in the right wing of the Minister for Employment having toured the darker side of British industry, for instance the peeps who sell cattle prods to the likes of Bahrain and and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia looking for ideas to make life more challenging for the unemployed.

It is important to me that this Blog on the Bastard is both truthful and accurate. After all this incarnation of the Bastard is in a large part a response to outright lies and news management of the Western News organs. It is also here to take the piss out of the Red Tops, in particular the Scum So I am gong to pull no punches, whilst at the same time if I think that praise is due, then I will give praise.

As the week divides into two logical parts, that is the way that I will deal with it. So how was it?

Well like the curates egg, it is good in parts. The bad part is that it involves the DWP and going into the DWP from 09:30 to mid afternoon every day. The Good well read on…

The paperwork interview.

This turned out to be a bit of an anti climax. Although my instincts was not to take in all the paperwork demanded, and request a UK court order for the Bank account and Mortgage statement. I handed them over as requested, saying that they could copy them but not have the originals. This was fine, and after a cursory look at the them gave them back to me with the words that’s all fine.

I then negotiated a variation in my job seekers agreement, I had agreed to look at once a day. Like Total jobs indeed uses the scatter gun approach. It is no good sending me jobs from Lands End to Jan de Groote’s.

CVLibrary on the other hand has been a revaluation, working in a similar manner to Monster only sends me local positions to review and apply for.

I then was able to sort out my travelling expenses and the cost of the ID photographs required for the 1/2 price travel warrant. Job done see you next week…

The CV writing course work

Now I have been on a number of these, one with the CCAT(77), one with Oaklands college(93), two with Kennedy Snort(2008 and 2011) and one with Seetec(2011). My previous CV was pretty shit hot. There has been no change to the format of my CV since Oaklands college in 1993.

Kennedy Snot was a New deal provider, whose staff, namely Julia Moody at Hemel Hempstead, enjoyed the abuse of power, and sanctioning people on false pretences. It was a good example of the Stamford prison experiment, without any controls from the DWP. For this reason, evidence used to sanction job seekers should be subject to the same rules of evidence as those in Court and subject to the same penalties for perjury if found to to untrue.

At Kennedy Snot they looked at my CV, and did not change a word or the formatting. Even if most of the others had their CV written for them, by some uptight humourless woman. If anyone needed to smoke a doobie that woman did.

Seetec was better but they didn’t change a word. The problem here being that being private sector all that mattered was that you had a CV that didn’t look like it was written on old ice cream wrappers.

Now the DWP has brought in outsiders who are doing the job properly!

Yes you did read that correctly. The staff from the outside contractor, in this case progression 2, have taken the time to teach us how to identify what should be on a CV and the order in which it should be presented. This has been achieved through slides, verbal, computer and paperwork exercises. All this whilst managing to treat us like adults and even with respect!

So at the end of the week I have a newly formatted CV that smoking hot, and still keeps its previous distinctive looks. No one bothers looking at CV’s that look the same, they only look at the ones that reach out and grab them.

The New CV has been up on Monster and CVlibrary since Wednesday night and I’m waiting to hear if I have an interview at a major electronics company, for what seems like my dream job.

Oh well the next instalment will be next week unless I get the job!

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Author: Dr Suusi Watson

Editor of the Bastard

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