ALL COPPERS ARE BASTARDS – a closer investigation

3018I realize most of you do not share my habit of reading the Daily Mail Nazi when I think nobody’s looking, but events at the recent G8 summit made interesting reading. Since the Public Order Act of 1986, it has been illegal to hold any sort of political protest without giving Mr. Plod six weeks’ advance warning.

What happened was that a group of anti-G8 protesters were “squatting” (again, it is now illegal to do this) in a London building when they were assaulted by police, in full riot gear, dressed up as Judge Dredd and whacked out of their skulls on crystal meth.

One man was chased onto the roof where a Daily Mail Nazi photographer was conveniently waiting — another photo showed him being carried away unconscious and, as the Daily Mail Nazi gleefully noted, “heavily bleeding”.

ED: It is said that the Daily Mail Nazi and The Daily Torygraph are both directly controlled by MI5

As with the Battle of the Beanfield in 1984, this was a nakedly violent assault on defenceless people who were not actually doing anything — but just might have had the potential to break the law somewhere. And it is not an isolated example.

Ask Alfie Meadows, a student who received such a savage blow from a police truncheon that he needed brain surgery — he also found himself being charged with “violent disorder”. He was eventually found not guilty on the grounds that he was trying to defend other peaceful protesters from assault.

All “offences” committed in any kind of public demonstration are now “arrestable” — with our return to Victorian Britain, we have remodelled the Riot Act — meaning the coppers can nick you, for any reason, even if it is to establish your name, and the Met in particular are using pre-emptive strikes on an increasing basis. Often with plain clothes police so you won’t know what’s happening until it — quite literally — hits you. In a disgraceful attack on democracy designed to abuse the memory of the late Brian Haw, it is now forbidden to protest anywhere near Parliament for any reason.

A new book has come out detailing the horrifying and utterly cynical tactics of the country’s undercover police — including the bizarre revelation that the “McLibel” leaflet accusing McDonald’s of unhealthy practices was actually written by a copper. I am tempted to find this amusing, but bear in mind that victims of police beatings have been known to die of their injuries, Blair Peach (1979) and Ian Tomlinson (2009) which takes the humour out of it somewhat.

I’ve mentioned the Battle of the Beanfield — I could also refer back to the Windsor Free Festival of 1974, viciously attacked by Thames Valley police. This is not anything new — but, when the criminals in charge have their feathers ruffled, as it now is, things get a lot nastier. Oh, and they have been spending taxpayers’ money on German water cannons

It seems to me that we the oppressed have two choices — either stay at home and watch Wimbledon, or go out on to the streets in respectful memory of all the people who went out and challenged the rotten system.

As a believer in choice, I’m leaving it up to you!

Farmer George

The Bastard Says: Interesting Police violence against the citizenry increases as the government gets more disengaged with the electorate. As is happening at the moment.

The LibCons Government seem to deliberately exacerbating this trend for political ends. In much the same way that Ma Thatch did in the 1980’s. This does not bode well.

The TSG like the SPG before it shows that the Metropolitan Polices Political Thugs, are little different to the Black and Tans or the B Specials before them. With the same culture of immunity and criminality.

I wonder what it is about police life that encourages this sort of behaviour is a section of the constabulary. Three people from our school class joined the Fuzz. All three of them were, and still are, thoroughly decent people.


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