Post Work Program Pogrom Blues Pt5

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Well another week has passed since I wrote the last instalment. Another week of utter boredom.

The week started with yet another mountain of paperwork, to fill in, functionally identical to the previous weeks! Yawn

Next came a discussion about budgeting! Well in a place full of long term unemployed people I can assure you that we are all experts at budgeting, because we have to be.

We them moved on to the subject of savings, which provoked much mirth. No one in the room had managed to do any savings at all. But that is not surprising with runaway inflation, and a below inflation increase.

The next subject went from the sublime to the ridiculous, Credit. Well for me the big lesson about unemployment has been that you avoid credit like leprosy.

The Pay Day Loans and the Wonga crooks are little different to the doorstep loans that fund organised crime. Offering short term loans at up to a Representative rate of 5853% APR

What the hell what happened to the anti usury laws to protect consumers from organised criminals like this. Obviously organised crime has taken over UK politics, so there is one law for politicians and another for the rest of us.

Question, Does the Minister of State for Work and Pensions, Mark Hoban have shares in Wonga? It would not surprise me.

The next day we did preparation for interviews and Mock interviews with feedback. This was the only useful part of the whole week.

Now How do I feel about the course? Well I feel that it would be most useful to all those just starting Job Seekers Allowance not those who have been on the the work program or the new deal before it. because those who have been through the work program or New deal have already done this once twice or even three times.

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Author: Dr Suusi Watson

Editor of the Bastard

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