Former Editor killed by Japanese whalers

Mr Ziggy Encaoua at the beach.
Mr Ziggy Encaoua at the beach.

Southern Ocean – It is with great regret we have to announce the death of one of our previous editors Ziggy Encaoua.

He was with the Bastard between 2007 and 2010. It true the Bastard tradition his incisive articles were both thoughtful and provocative in equal measure.

When he left the Bastard he retired to New Zealand where he told us that he would be able to enjoy a more healthy lifestyle. Walking swimming and generally enjoying the pleasures that New Zealand’s beautiful countryside and opportunities that 40 million sheep can provide.

We lost contact for several years, and then we heard that he had been arrested for the third time for having sex with sheep. On the point of being deported back to the United Kingdom, and one step ahead of the police. He mistakenly joined the crew of the Sea Shepard believing it was a live cattle transporter. Where he could indulge his little peccadilloes to his heart’s content.

Later we heard from Captain Paul Watson the skipper of the Sea Sheppard that during a collision with one of the Japanese Whaling ships in the so called whale wars. Mr Ziggy Encaoua fell overboard into the Antarctic sea.

The Japanese Whaler immediately mistook his bloated body for a whale and shot him with a harpoon.

They then dragged his bleeding carcase onto the factory ships where it was eviscerated and processed into dog meat for the Japanese Market.

When we contacted the captain of the Nisshin Maru He declined to give his name and he also denied that the incident had happened.

For once Paul Watson was also lost for words.

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Author: Dr Suusi Watson

Editor of the Bastard

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