Terrifying new Zombie virus discovered up North!

A crowd of Zombies up north.
A crowd of Zombies up north.

UK – The Bastard has discovered that scientists from the CDC and Porton Down have discovered the existence of a whole new family of highly contagious viruses.

The team of medics descended on a popular and well known old peoples home in Berwick on Tweed dressed in their CDC and Porton Down approved florescent Yellow Hazmat suits. Police promptly isolated the aria to prevent panic from spreading round the country.

Blood samples were then taken from the staff and inmates of the river view retirement home, and taken back to Porton Down and the CDC in the United States.

The blood samples were found to contain not just one new virus but a whole new family of highly contagious viruses previously unknown to man.

The Virus is passed from person to person through the blood and saliva of the infected person. usually through biting, spitting and stab injuries.

The virus causes its victim to forget its past and to seek out uninfected people in order to infect them with the virus. but only when in packs and in shopping malls at weekends.

Previously medical science had thought that this form zombieism was actually a degenerative brain disease called alzheimer’s.

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Author: Dr Suusi Watson

Editor of the Bastard

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