Is Festher McVey Britain’s Ilse Koch?

Separated at birth Ilse Koch and Fester McVey
Separated at birth Ilse Koch and Fester McVey

UK – AT the Bastard we get lots of tips for news stories. This one that sounds so unlikely we had to publish it.

It appears that Festher McVey, the Minister of State for Employment, spends her constituency day at her local DWP sitting behind a one way mirror selecting Benefits claimants with a lot of Tattoos for sanctioning due to making themselves unfit for employment.

The claimants are not told that they have been selected for sanctions. The first that they know about it is when they get a demand for a full council tax payment.

We have also heard that Auntie Fester, as she likes children to call her, visits mortuaries at night especially if they have clients with interesting Tattoos, deformities or amputations. We have also had reports that she had to be told that she did not have the right to have a deceased man with a lot of interesting Tattoos skinned and turned into a rather gruesome lamp shade.

On hearing this our minds turned to Ilse Koch. The Witch / Beast / Bitch of Buchenwald. It is said that Koch was known to meet prisoners upon their arrival to inspect them for interesting or attractive tattoos. If she saw something which caught her eye, she had the prisoner executed, skinned and their skin made into useful items such as lampshades or book covers.

While it has never been proven that she manufactured anything from the skins, her collection was used against her at her trials. What has also been proven is that she often instigated the torture of inmates including forcing one of them to rape another in plain sight.

It is not difficult to draw the parallels as they both seem to enjoy their work so much. They could have been separated at birth.

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Author: Dr Suusi Watson

Editor of the Bastard

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