City Outraged – Government signs a contract with Strict penalty clauses!

Department for Business, Innovation and Skills
Department for Business, Innovation and Skills

UK – The City is outraged when Department for Business, Innovation and Skills affairs invited bids for an IT contract with very strict penalty clauses. It appears that after a string of IT fiascos in the past 20 years. The Child support agency being a good example. That the government has brought in an IT professional to oversee the purchase of all future IT projects.

It appears that the new supremo of IT has concluded that since every IT project that the government has commissioned uses the same database of citizens, then there only needs to one database. All other applications will be able to access this client database and consist of only such databases unique to their speciality.

This will reduce the development costs substantially because previously all IT projects used their own client databases each with its own civil service standard security. By forcing all future project to use a standard interface, and forcing existing software supplier to modify their existing applications for free if they want to be eligible to bid for future government IT business.

The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills believes that this will make substantial savings of IT contracts and remove many ways of facilitating fraud.

Vince Cable said, “This is the future of IT procurement for the government. Gone is the unnecessary duplication and waste of the past.”

City IT firms are outraged. They have just had the door to the gravy train slammed in their faces. One told us on the condition that we withheld his name, “This is a disaster for the industry. We will never recover.”

He went on, “Government contracts are meant to be a way of rewarding the people who donated to the government parties re-election funds. If they keep this up where will we be?”

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Author: Dr Suusi Watson

Editor of the Bastard

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