Take some responsibility and hang yourself

Show some backbone and hang yourself.
Show some backbone and hang yourself.

UK – Now that the department of Work and Pensions has admitted that it was wrong to sanction a vulnerable person who starved to death. It is time to start placing the blame where it belongs. Smack bang in the laps of the evil conservative government.

The primary responsibility for this deliberate act of corporate murder sits in the lap of former conservative leader Iain Dummkopf Smith. But the buck does not stop there. As prime minister David Cameron is ultimately responsible. His position as prime minister and first lord of the treasury makes Cameron responsible for all the policy failings of his government.

We demand that David Cameron and Iain Dummkopf Smith take responsibility for this murder and hang themselves. preferably with a short drop so that they die very slowly.

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Author: Dr Suusi Watson

Editor of the Bastard

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