The DWP and The Shaw Trust pushes Slavery for the ConDems!

The Shaw Trust - The DWP's Sonderkommando
The Shaw Trust – The DWP’s Sonderkommando

UK – The Shaw Trust has now lost any trust that the sick and disabled might have had by becoming a wholly owned department of the DWP. Now that may seem a little bit of a harsh statement.

In order to help the sick and disabled into work there needs to be genuine paid work for them to be moving into. Failing that genuine training. By training I mean with a real qualification at the end of it.

Not the rubbish kind of training that the DWP is forcing the long term unemployed into that results in a piece of paper that no employer is interested in. For all the use they are they might as well say the holder of this certificate can wipe their own bottom.

Yesterday I was invited to a “Progress to Success”, Health and Disability event at the Shaw Trust. Which I had, as they put it euphemistically, expressed an interest. I suspect that the author of the letter had sat on a book of marketing speak [char]mdash[/char] New Speak [char]mdash[/char] and something had been subsumed. In fact I had been told that I was required to attend this event.

I should at this point state that I have been volunteering at a registered charity for the last 3 years and that any training I might need would have to be at degree or masters degree standard. I have been sent on 5 CV and letter writing courses, by incompetent jobsworths who know that I have been on (n-1) CV and letter writing courses previously. Thus completely wasting the taxpayers money.

So Tuesday morning I arrived to find the room full of DWP staff and people that I know who are on Job Seeker’s Allowance. I expected to find people who were on ESA or Disability. So that was a bad start. It went from bad to worse.

This was compounded by the only “jobs” on offer being volunteer char lady for — get this — the local council and volunteer ass wiper for an old peoples home. Both of which should be paying minimum wage for these jobs.

It must not and should not be the business of any charity or government department to help businesses exploit slave labour. Because that is exactly what the Shaw Trust and the DWP are doing.

By compelling people to volunteer it becomes a matter of volunteer or starve. That is by any reasonable definition slavery. It does not matter what you tell yourself in order to justify it, like that it is valuable work experience, it is none the less slavery, and therefore illegal.

My partner was a victim of the Youth Training Scheme, the infamous YTS. At the age of 17 she was made to sit old people whilst they were dieing, and then get the supervisor when they had died. A job that was not supposed to be done by people under the age of 25. She was then threatened by the managers of the old peoples home (a registered charity by the way) that they would tell the DSS as they were then that she was uncooperative and get her money stopped if she told anybody.

An other thing that the Shaw Trust needs in order to help the sick and disabled into work is a very important thing called trust. That is the client needs to be able to trust the Shaw Trust to have their best interest in mind and not to go telling tales to the DWP. Trust is like virginity or a ballon, one prick and it is gone forever.

The Government and the DWP have made it clear enough that they do not trust the Sick and Disabled. For their part the Sick and Disabled have very good reason not to trust the DWP.

The DWP under the guise of their, Arbeit macht frei “Work sets you free” program have in fact they have committed the most horrendous crimes against the sick and disabled. Crimes worthy of the eugenics programs in the USA, Sweden and Germany in the 1930’s. I think that the figure of 10,000 death due to the Condems reforms pretty much says it all.

Trust can only happen if you the organisations are totally separate, if attendance is totally voluntary, and the service it totally confidential. On the strength of yesterday the Shaw Trust is none of these.

I am sure that the Shaw Trust did not set out to be in this invidious position. I am also sure that they genuinely set out to help sick and disabled people. But none the less that is the situation now.

How did they get in this position? I would surmise that it is a combination of meaning well on the part of the Shaw Trust and a colossal nievity about the motivations of the ConDem government. It is a great truism that the road to hell is paved with good intention. This is a case in point.

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Author: Dr Suusi Watson

Editor of the Bastard

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