UKIP are the Street Preachers of little minds

UKIP's press advisor Janice Atkinson
UKIP’s press advisor Janice Atkinson

UK – As the European and local elections in the UK are getting closer and closer. We are seeing ever more lurid claims about UKIP being Racist, Homophobic, Fascist, Gimps from their opponents.

That they are Gimps is beyond doubt. But apart from the obvious observation that the wilder that the claims are the more worried they’re about UKIP’s appeal to voters.

What UKIP’s opponents do not realise is that UKIP are exactly like the street preachers that you see on market days in the high street. You know that they are there. You know that they are snake oil salesmen. You know exactly how vacuous the product that they are trying to sell is.

You know that there are some who think that they are doing wonderful things. Have you seen a crowd listening to a street preacher lately? No. Just a handful of the same old lonely sado’s, and that is exactly the point.

But the moment a couple of hecklers arrive, the street preacher claims that he is being prevented from speaking by forces of satan!

All of a sudden he is credible a martyr — Not that they ever wasn’t in their own deluded mind’s — and responsibility for that credibility rests entirely on the shoulders of the hecklers.

The same can be said for the opponents of the BNP and UKIP. Sadly there will always be some inclined to fascism and all its evil children. In the same way that there will always be some who worship imaginary gods.

The question is do we want to give them credibility by making them into martyrs? Have no doubt, it is that martyrdom that they seek.

It is a direct parallel with the religious. Who would remember Jesus of Nazareth if he had not been nailed to a bit of wood.

So when you look at the picture of UKIP Sales people giving the protesters the finger. Her name is Janice Atkinson by the way and she is UKIP’s press advisor. She knows that she will never convince the protesters to vote UKIP.

But she is thanking them for advertising UKIP and making UKIP’s message more credible to those who do not like lefty protesters. Precisely those people who UKIP is trying to appeal to. She knows exactly what she is doing. Just like those racists who the press condem. Ever racist remark or racial slur that is given the oxygen of publicity makes UKIP more attractive to the BNP and Tory loons.

If you think about it is exactly the same tactic used by the government to justify its treatment of the poor, unemployed and disabled.

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Author: Dr Suusi Watson

Editor of the Bastard

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