At least 500 former councillors on the Dole today!

They are all vile Liars Thieves and Fraudsters. Not an honest man amongst them.
They are all vile Liars Thieves and Fraudsters. Not an honest man amongst them.

UK – At the time of writing, not all the results having come in yet. Some 500 former Liberal Democrat and Conservative councillors are facing up to the prospect of phoning up the DWP in order to claim Job Seekers Allowance.

Oh what a delicious irony. Karma is a bitch they say. The very people whose parties inflicted the horrible indignities on the sick disabled and unemployed will become subject to those very same indignities.

The difference is that these really are lazy workless scroungers off the state. Ever since councillors voted to get paid they have turned being a councilor into a Junior Gray Train much like the other bunch of thieving bastards the Members of Parliament have done.

The Jump from £615-00 to £74-00 pounds a week should be quite a culture shock, Oh and and they are going to love being sanctioned. No legal aid Rubbish training courses aimed at the lowest common denominator. It matter not if you have a degree. You are still going to have to learn how to write a letter and a CV.

They may also lose their house if they cannot keep up the payments their mortgage. If they lose their houses then they are deemed to have made themselves intentionally homeless, so the local council is under no obligation to house them.

Say hello to the rented sector. Peter Rachman’s colleges are the norm in the rented sector now. Then there is the Bedroom tax. Council tax etc etc.

It is called Karma enjoy it. It was a trap of your own making.

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Author: Dr Suusi Watson

Editor of the Bastard

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