UKIP the voters strikes back!

3108UK –Today the country wakes up to the fall out of yesterdays European Elections. Across Europe ruling parties have been savaged by petty nationalists cashing in on the disconnect between the political parties and the electorate.

In the United Kingdom it is a matter of supreme irony that the one political party that was drawing attention to this disconnect in the run up to the 2010 general election. The Liberal Democrats, then went on to trash all the good will that they had created with the electorate and their own voters. By propping up and then rubber stamping the policies of the Conservative party.

Not that the Conservative party have ever served their voters ever. The Labour party is no better having comprehensively trashed their links with their origins during the 1990’s under the stewardship of the noted war criminal and closet Conservative Tony Blair.

This dissatisfaction has been coupled with the inability of any government to fix their economies and provide sufficient work for their population. Rather than face up to this comprehensive failure of both vision and their own policies have sought to blame this failure on the vague notion of the EU.

There is no governing party within the EU that is not in some way guilty of this. Countries like Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain the so called PIGS have tended to elect the most Eurosceptic MEPs The very countries that benefited most by joining the Euro. They also did the least to fix the fundamental flaws in their own economies, and therefore suffered the most when the economic crash happened in 2008.

Voters in Germany on the other hand are not keen on having to bail out the so called PIGS or lazy bastards as they see them.

The UK not being in the Euro, and having one of the worst, series of incompetent governments who always try to inflate their way out of debt and stir up racial hatred in the hope of hiding their own incompetence and refusal to indulge in any of the essential real reforms necessary to fix the economy.

There is one other ingredient that no one mentions, Globalisation. The legitimate criticism of which has taken the same sort of stature as holocaust denial.

Globalisation, which in truth is all about a small minority maximising their profits by manufacturing things in the place with the lowest possible wages and selling the at the maximum possible price to captive consumers through licensed monopolies.

The effect of this is that capital that was invested in manufacturing in the UK (and rest of world) has flowed to China. The ability to even compete in these industries is trashed and the education systems has been systematically debased. In short Globalisation is economic suicide.

But the citizens do not care as long as they can get the latest 56 inch flat screen TV or their iPhone at the cheapest possible price. Or so they think.

They do not understand that they are trading their children’s futures for a handful of trinkets, trade beads, in exactly the same way that African and South American natives did when the European traders first made contact with them.

Globalisation is a race to the lowest wages, least human and workers rights possible. Exactly the conditions conducive to importing brutal undemocratic regimes.

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Author: Dr Suusi Watson

Editor of the Bastard

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