So we leave the EU. Then what?

The Scum summed up the UK's commitment to the EU with this headline
The Scum summed up the UK’s commitment to the EU with this headline

UK – A recurring theme of the political right wing of the Conservative party and United Kingdom Independence Party is that we must free ourselves from being under the jackboot of Brussels, and leave the EU.

We ask OK we leave the EU then what then? Try to resurrect the commonwealth? Join the USA? Or plod along on our own?

Granted the EU is not all a bed of roses. No situation ever is in a group of equals. you have to take the rough with the smooth in order to get the best for the whole. In order to get the best out of it you have to commit to the project. That in a nutshell is the problem with the UK’s membership of the the EU.

Back in 1973 it was the Common Market. We were sold the idea as a common market for us to buy and sell our good. No bad thing as the electorate eventually decided in the 1975 referendum. Membership of the EU was passed by nearly 68% of votes cast.

A common currency

But what is a common market and what does it imply? Well in order to to buy and sell in a common market you need a common currency. If you Want to use another currency then you automatically make your own good less competitive.

Simply because you have to convert your currency to the one being traded in. Banks or Currency traders make a profit on every transaction.

But a common currency is something that successive British governments have consistently shied away from. So why are successive British governments turning down the trading advantages of joining a common currency?

In my opinion it is the two huge structural problems in the British Economy that are the the reason for this position. Hugely inflated land prices and the cassino that is the City of London.

Successive governments have found it easier to create the illusion of economic growth through land and housing price inflation, than real growth in the British economy. But it is a trap and our governments are now well and truly hooked. The cure is obvious, until you realise that it would bankrupt the banks – again.

The City of London is little more than a giant cassino, whose insatiable need for wealth is sucking the economic life out of the rest of the country. It does not create wealth, far from it, it destroys wealth through inflation. Why invest in industry when you can have a much quicker return from gambling in the City.

In Order for a few people to get rich, a lot of people have to become poorer. Where else does the money come from for the ones getting richer? Wealth is not the same thing as money by the way.

The UK’s most divisive prime minister Margaret Thatcher sought to divert scrutiny of her own and her government’s actions by blaming everything bad that happened on the EU. The Tory rag the Scum summed it up with the headline, “Up Yours Delors.”

Like every appeal to nationalism, it has caused blowback. In the Conservative party it gave succour to the Anti EU hang them flog them brigade of ultra right wingers, who now dominate the conservative party. John Major’s so called “Bastards.” Whose constant bickering and corruption were a constant thorn in his side, and who arguably lost him the 1997 election.

The UK’s influence on the EU has declined as the EU has got larger. Particularly since 2010 British influence has decline to that of irrelevance. This is solely the fault of our current Prime Minister David Cameron.

A weak man, over promoted to power, who has sought to appease, rather than confront, the swivel eyed nut jobs in his own party. Of which there are many. His election platform for the leadership of the Conservative party was to quit the main center right party block in the European Parliament.

Anyone with even a gram of political nounce would have have understood that this was a recipe for disaster. The only thing to be gained was a loss of influence in the EU. The swivel eyed loons understood this and that is why they supported his ascension to leadership.

The political grouping that the Conservatives then went to to join included many far right fringe parties from eastern Europe. Hardly any wonder that the the UK’s influence has dwindled to nothing.

In fact it is worse than that. The David Cameron’s influence is now less than nothing. If David Cameron is for something then the rest of europe is against it, and vice versa. Such is their contempt for the British prime minister that he manages to bring unity of purpose to the normally squabbling EU members.

So we are out of the EU, and industry starts leaving the country for mainland (EU) Europe. The big city trading firms would soon move from the City of London to Frankfurt.

Worse still in order to keep selling to our largest trading partner we have to comply with EU laws. As outsiders these are Laws that we will have absolutely no influence on.

So what do we do then?

Going alone and plod along as we become increasingly irrelevant? Or Try to resurrect the old Commonwealth, or maybe join the USA as a new possession. These seem to me to be the only practical alternatives.

Going it alone.

Whilst going it alone might appeal to the extreme right wing of the conservative parties membership. It is a path fraught with dangers. Economic collapse and bloody revolution being the most obvious ones.

Failing that we can look forward to being a failed state like Bahrain. At war with it’s own citizens with an unpopular and unelected government propped up by soldiers from foreign powers.

It would also leave the EU free to declare war on Britain’s financial pirate islands and tax havens. A problem that is long overdue resolving.

Resurrect the old Commonwealth.

Resurrecting the old commonwealth might seem like a good idea. But they way the Commonwealth was treated when the UK joined the EU forced the Commonwealth members to make alternative arrangements for trade and security. None of them are likely to have forgotten or forgive their former treatment. So I would suggest that this option is a non starter.

Join the USA

This is the most likely option because this seems to be the option that Rupert Murdoch’s Newspaper and Media empires are pushing us. Conservative policy seems to be trying to Americanise the UK economy as much as possible. Labour rights and social policy is taken straight from the US Republican bible.

All of this is consistent with a creeping US takeover, and the stationing of an unsinkable US aircraft carrier just off the coast of Mainland Europe.


Paradoxically should Scotland split from the UK and the UK leave the EU. Scotland would be free to Join the EU and adopt the Euro without the UK being able to object or veto Scotland’s joining. Good Luck to them.

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Author: Dr Suusi Watson

Editor of the Bastard

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