Rolf Harris Jokes

Clifford can you guess who your new cellmate is yet?

Prosecution: Mr Harris exactly what did you mean when you asked witness A: if she would you like to blow your didgeridoo?

Prosecution: Mr Harris Have you got anything to say about these charges?

Mr Harris: When I released Two Little Boys, erm… I’m Jake the Peg, deedle, eedle, eedle, um With my extra leg… Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport..

Judge: I will tie your kangaroo down for 5 Years and 9 Months. Take him down…

Rolf Harris looks good for a man of 83, I wonder what his secret is?

I hear that Rolf Harris might go to Jail. At least he will be among old friends from the BBC in the nonce wing…

Do you think that he will be sharing a cell with Max Clifford or Stuart Hall? … or a grave with Jimmy Savile!

I always wondered why Rolf Harris looked so excited when he was told they would be looking at a young beaver, on Animal Hospital.

Rolf Harris to face paedophile charges. – Oh, if only there was a massive island over the other side of the world where we could send these people to keep them out of trouble.

Rolf Harris has just released Two Little Boys. Police are investigating…

I always had my suspicions. Glasses, beard… it all adds up.

Rolf Harris can look forward to swapping stories about his conquests with Max Clifford…

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