Sacrificial Rats for the Cancer that is Rupert Murdoch!

Andy Coulson and Rebekah Brooks, sacrificial lambs for the Cancer that is Rupert Murdoch.
Andy Coulson and Rebekah Brooks, sacrificial lambs for the Cancer that is Rupert Murdoch.

UK – This week the high profile show trial of former News of the World editors, Andy Coulson and Rebekah Brooks. That someone was going to be found guilty should be of no surprise to anyone. The only question was who.

But this was a high stakes trial for both the political establishment and Rupert Murdoch. It is Murdoch who is real villain of the piece. Although Murdoch was not in the dock together with Coulson and Brooks, he might as well be. He was paying for the legal representation of both defendants.

Had both defendants been found guilty however there would have been political pressure to investigate Murdoch’s role in the affair. Together with the knock on effects of an investigation of his fitness to own a media organisation.

Murdoch’s gambit worked a treat. Brooks was acquitted, and Coulson has been thrown to the wolves. A sacrificial lamb to satisfy the public and the media. For the most part the public will be satisfied that justice has been done, because the Prime Minister David has been made to look that the twat that he undoubtedly is.

Cameron’s judgement, in employing Coulson as communications director, has been shown to have been flawed. That Cameron then compounded the error of judgment by his badly timed apology, that earned a stern rebuke from trial judge, is an added benefit.

Mr Justice Saunders said of Cameron’s ill advised comments, “I don’t know whether it was was done out of ignorance or done deliberately,”.

It is not the first time that David Cameron has earned the ire of a trial Judge with his comments in the spectator concerning Nigella Lawson.

So for the moment the real cancer within the body politic has escaped being excised, for now. The cancer will continue to grow, corrupting all that it touches. The prime Minister has had a sharp reminder of just who the real power is in the land, and we the long suffering public have had a media circus designed to hide who is the real power in the land.

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Author: Dr Suusi Watson

Editor of the Bastard

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